When will we know if our athlete made the team?

Players will know at the end of tryouts whether or not she has made a team as well as which team.  You may accept our offer immediately or "sleep on it".  We require an acceptance or decline response within 24 hours, at which time, we will start calling our wait-listed players.

Where and when are practices?  
HVC practices at Tualatin Valley Academy & Forest Hills Lutheran School in Hillsboro & Cornelius.  Practices are two nights a week beginning the last week of November.  There are no practices during winter break or spring break of the Hillsboro School District. 

How many tournaments? 
Each team will attend an average of two tournaments per month from January through April.  Regionals wraps up our season in late April or early May.  Teams may vote to attend long weekend "travel tournaments" either within Oregon or out-of-state.  These tournaments incur additional costs that must be paid by families or through team fundraising efforts. 

Where are tournaments?

Travel tournaments are decided by each team and could include travel to Washington, California, Nevada or Colorado.  All other tournaments will be along the I-5 corridor between Kelso/Longview & Springfield/Eugene. 
What is included in Club Dues?  
Players will receive 2 jerseys, a team jacket and bag.  Dues also pay for coach stipends & supplies, practice facility rental, tournament entry fees, regional entry fees, other fees required by CEVA and administration/equipment fees. See the PAYMENTS tab for more dues info.

Do you do any fundraising?  
Teams can choose to do their own fundraising to pay for travel costs.  Individuals are also encouraged to fund raise to pay for their own club dues.  

Can my player participate in another sport or activity during club season?
Of course!  HVC encourages our players to be active in other sports as well as other activities.  While we understand that this may mean that girls will miss practices or tournaments, we ask that you let your coaches know well in advance of any club activities that your player will miss.  Please also be aware that if a player misses practices the week prior to a tournament, this may affect their play time in that tournament.

How are absences handled?

Attendance is vital to the success of your player's team.  Players rely on each other and must trust each other's commitment to the team.  Please make every effort to attend every practice and tournament. 

--Excused absences include:  Pre-arranged with coach for other sport/activity, funerals/weddings, family emergencies, player contagious illness( please don't share your germs!).  Depending upon the frequency of excused absences, this may affect play time in upcoming tournaments. 

If your player is injured, we ask that she still attend practices and tournaments to support her team and avoid missing anything at practices. Injured players who attend practices do not suffer any affect on their play time. (when they return after healing)

--Unexcused absences include: Other sport/activity NOT pre-arranged with coach, social activities (dances, vacations, etc.), "too tired", work, too much homework.  Unexcused absences WILL affect play time at tournaments. 

How long is the club season?
Club volleyball season runs from late November through early May. Practices begin the week after Thanksgiving and regionals wrap up our season in late April or early May.  Again, HVC does not practice or attend tournaments during winter break or spring break for Hillsboro School District. 

Does HVC have weather closures?
Yes, HVC follows the weather closures for the Hillsboro School district.  If school or evening activities are cancelled, practice is cancelled.  If tournaments are in weather closure affected areas, these may also be cancelled or postponed.  Club personnel (coaches or director) will be in contact in this event.

How is playing time decided upon?

There is no guarantee of playing time for any player.  All tournament play time must be earned during practices and with a positive attitude.  Coaches are instructed to play all players as much as possible based on each player's position strengths, practice attendance and participation, attitude, etc. 

What is a Zero Tolerance policy?

This is just what it sounds like.  HVC has a "zero tolerance policy" with regard to any behavior by players or parents/guardians that would be found to be inappropriate in a public school setting.  This includes any kind of substance abuse by players (alcohol, marijuana, other drugs, tobacco, vape, etc.)  -All of our practice venues are private schools which have no smoking policies on their grounds.  Parents, please respect these policies- 

HVC's "zero tolerance policy" also applies to any kind of bullying behavior.  HVC is a family and we MUST treat each other with respect and dignity AT ALL TIMES. ***Players can be expelled from the club if their or their parent/guardian's behavior crosses the line to disrespect, name-calling, etc.  Please see the next policy for questions about dispute resolution.     

How are disputes handled?

If a player needs to discuss any dispute with a coach, HVC requires a 24 hour  "cooling off" period prior to any discussion.  This helps all parties to think over their comments and/or questions and encourages problem solving. 

Our dispute resolution process is as follows: 

Step 1 - Player and coach have a discussion at a pre-arranged time prior to or after practice.  We encourage players to advocate for themselves.

Step 2 - If the issue is not resolved by the player and coach, parents will be asked to pre-arrange time for discussion with the player and coach. 

Step 3 - If resolution cannot be reached by the parent, coach and player, the coach will request a time to meet with the player, parent, coach and director. 

If, at any time after deposits are due, you or your player decide to discontinue the season with HVC any dues paid up to that date are non-refundable.  Your player took a slot on a team that is budgeted to support itself only and this spot cannot be back-filled after tryout commitments are accepted. 

***Under no circumstances are players and/or parents to discuss issues with HVC staff during practices or tournaments.